OutClassFor Education Institutions


OutClass supports schools, institutions, colleges and universities to manage academic administration activities efficiently.


The automated grading system allows teachers to upload, share, track and provide comments or explanations on each assessment. Teachers has complete authority to set assessments schedules, overall weights, duration, number of attempts, shuffle questions and/or answers, and preview of answers.


Teachers are able to send assignments for different classes.Students can upload assignments through the application in various formats according to the teachers’ instructions.


Teachers can upload materials on the material bank which can be shared sessions and classes.Materials in various formats uploaded to OutClass cloud storage system are accessible anytime and anywhere.


Student attendance automatically recorded when they attend scheduled online classes.

Automated Transcript

All assessments, attendance, assignments data collected over a certain period of time are automatically computed and recorded in Online Reports.


Institutional administration can schedule online class meetings and the participants of each class.The schedule will automatically appear on the registered students and parents.

OutClass provides virtual class facilities through integrated applications and web pages.Online classes, assignment submission and assessments completion are conducted simultaneously for effective and efficient.

OutClass facilitates an effective communication system between institutions, teachers, students and parents.

Forums And Chats

Discussion forums are provided to ask, answer and discuss a particular topic, material and task.Parents can contact teachers/lecturers/instructors via the chat through OutClass apps.


Institutional administration and teachers/lecturers/instructors can distribute announcements to students through annoucement notifications.


Notifications automatically appears when teachers/lecturers/instructors assign assignments and schedules an assessment.Parents will be notified and receive reminders of assessment, assignments and online class schedules.



Personasist facilitates each teacher/lecturer/instructor as personal assistant for the administrative needs to utilize learning management system (Learning Management System) such as typing and setting up assessments, uploading learning materials, preparing power points, and administrative needs for learning support through the OutClass apps.


Online classes are more fun with interesting materials. OutClass supports teachers/lecturers/instructors by preparing digital materials in the form of videos according to the material being taught.

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